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Environmental and Industrial hygiene and workplace safety consulting, lead paint management and OSHA compliance programs, ambient air quality monitoring, and safety training are just a few of the core services offered by KTA’s Environmental, Health & Safety (EH&S) department. In the early 1990s, KTA combined extensive coatings and corrosion protection knowledge with environmental protection, construction safety, and industrial hygiene expertise. KTA’s EH&S department has been at the forefront of hazardous paint management and related safety issues ever since and has applied this same multidisciplinary approach to occupational safety and health in numerous industry sectors.

KTA's Environmental Health & Safety Services Include:

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KTA’s EH&S Department staff provide occupational health and safety services to various markets including manufacturing facilities, insurance firms, and construction companies in an effort to help minimize occupational injuries and illnesses in the workplace. This includes extensive expertise in managing the removal of lead paint and toxic metals from industrial and commercial structures and issues related to fall protection and confined space entry.

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