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industrial hygiene servicesKTA is frequently retained to perform evaluations of specific tasks.  The evaluations may include analysis of chemical, biological, or physical hazards (such as noise exposure monitoring), ventilation system evaluations, and/or development of engineering control options. The evaluation and control of chemical, physical, and biological hazards may be done to verify compliance with applicable OSHA standards or as part of broader health risk mitigation efforts.

In addition to the evaluation of specific tasks, KTA also offers a broad approach to the control of workplace hazards.  The first step in the process typically involves the completion of a health hazard recognition survey of the facility, operation or process. During this step, KTA’s industrial hygienist works to identify potential exposures to chemical, physical, and biological hazards.  Consideration is given to the nature of the hazard (e.g., toxic property of the material, confined space entry hazard), magnitude of the exposure (e.g., number of workers exposed, duration and frequency of exposure), and the engineering, work practice, and personal protective equipment controls currently employed.  Following completion of the process or facility wide health hazard recognition survey, KTA reviews available site documentation (e.g., safety data sheets) and programs (e.g., respiratory protection, hearing conservation, etc.) to further characterize the exposures and associated controls.  All preliminary observations and conclusions are discussed with client contacts to verify initial understandings.  Upon completion of the survey, KTA’s industrial hygienist prepares a report providing a detailed description of each identified potential exposure along with a preliminary assessment of existing controls, and recommendations for potential improvement and/or exposures warranting further evaluation.

Whether conducted as part of facility-wide surveys or evaluations of individual hazards, KTA’s industrial hygiene services are always aimed at assisting clients in the protection of the safety and health of employees, maintenance of safe working environments, and compliance with applicable regulatory statutes.

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