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Cathodic protection is a critical corrosion control method used globally across various structures in soils, concrete, and natural waters. It safeguards pipelines, water treatment plants, marine vessels, storage tanks, offshore platforms, concrete structures, and more.


Our Offerings

Our Cathodic Protection Design Services encompass:

  • Testing and Evaluation: We assess cathodic protection design alternatives in both field and laboratory settings.
  • Diverse Applications: Providing cathodic protection for marine, industrial, and concrete structures utilizing galvanic and impressed current systems.
  • Specification Development: Crafting precise design and maintenance specifications.
  • Training Programs: Offering comprehensive training in cathodic protection methods.
  • Compatibility Expertise: Addressing cathodic protection and CP/coating compatibility concerns.
  • Corrosion Control: Implementing cathodic protection and corrosion inhibitor applications.
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Why Choose Elzly and KTA

We possess extensive expertise in cathodic protection design, spanning basic research, field studies, system monitoring, and industrial design. Our holistic approach integrates this wealth of knowledge to deliver cost-effective solutions tailored to your cathodic protection requirements.


How We Assist

Our Cathodic Protection Design Services cater to:

  • Tailored Design: Crafting cathodic protection solutions for diverse applications.
  • Performance Evaluation: Comparing alternative designs and materials to ensure optimal performance.
  • System Monitoring: Tracking and monitoring existing CP systems for effective corrosion control.
  • Problem Recognition: Providing training to recognize and address issues promptly.
  • Material Qualification: Laboratory qualification of anode materials and coatings.
  • Coating Shielding Solutions: Resolving queries regarding pipeline coating shielding.

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analysis of environmentally sustainable materials corrosion prevention webinar ebook learning what is
analysis of environmentally sustainable materials corrosion prevention webinar ebook learning what is