Let’s Talk About Environmental Protection Using Containments

Containments are frequently erected to protect the environment and public health and welfare. These same containments are often ventilated to protect both the environment and the workers inside. Coating inspectors frequently enter the containment to perform inspections of surface preparation and coating application work.

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Dry Film Thickness

Let’s Talk About Continuous Read Dry Film Thickness Measurement

Continuous read/scanning technology is readily available and can be specified when a project would benefit from a greater population of thickness measurements to help ensure consistency of the applied coating across large surfaces.

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Let’s Talk About Coating/Lining Hardness Testing

The relative hardness of an applied coating or lining can be quantified using Pencil Hardness (thin film coatings) or Durometers (thick film coatings).

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Importance of Documentation

Let’s Talk About the Importance of Documentation

Regardless of which party you are working for, documentation of inspection data is a critical role for a trained/certified inspector, albeit oftentimes one of the more dreaded tasks.

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Coating Application

Let’s Talk About How Inspectors Can Effectively Use Product Data Sheets

Product data sheets are a valuable tool for coating applicators as well as trained and certified coating inspectors. They are essentially an instruction manual for using the product. Unfortunately, many of us don’t read the instructions until it is too late.

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Certified Coating Inspector Forum: Volume 1

It’s easy to fall behind on the latest updates in the coatings industry. That’s why KTA focuses on education to help keep AMPP and FROSIO …

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Surface Soluble Salt Testing

Let’s Talk Surface Soluble Salt Testing

This article describes the importance of surface soluble salt testing and explores the various methods of extraction and analysis that can be performed in the shop or field.

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Let’s Talk Measuring Intumescent (Fireproofing) Coating Thickness

In the case of CSP and intumescent systems, if they are not applied to the correct thickness across all surfaces of load-bearing steel members or panels/plates and there is a fire event, catastrophic collapse due to heat transfer to the steel can occur resulting in potential loss of life.

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Surface Cleanliness

Let’s Talk Surface Preparation Standards Updates

Surface preparation is frequently considered a key factor in determining the long-term performance of a protective coating system. The two-fold purpose of surface preparation is to clean and roughen the surface.

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