ASTM D8555 Tapping

Let’s Talk About a New Coating/Lining “Tapping Test” Standard

An acoustical sounding (tapping) inspection, when performed according to ASTM Standard Practice D8555 can be used to quickly distinguish well-adhered coating/linings from potential areas of ...
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Preparing for Inspection Before You Mobilize
Coating Inspector Forum

Let’s Talk About Preparing for Inspection Before You Mobilize

Discover nine essential pre-project responsibilities for coating inspectors to ensure project success and avoid common pitfalls.
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Differences in coating inspection standards
Coating Inspector Forum

Let’s Talk About Differences Between Coating Inspection Standards

Learn the key differences between common ISO, SSPC/NACE, and ASTM standards for coating inspections.
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soluble salt remediation
Surface Soluble Salt Testing

Let’s Talk About Surface Soluble Salt Remediation Practices

In this article, we address soluble salt thresholds, offer options for remediating surface soluble salt concentrations, and describe how salt contamination may be removed from ...
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Removing flash rust
Flash Rust

Let’s Talk About Removing Flash Rust Without Re-Blasting

This article describes how flash rust can be removed from abrasive blast cleaned steel surfaces without having to incur material and labor costs associated with ...
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Surface Passivator hero image
Surface Passivator

Let’s Talk About Preserving the Blast Using Passivators

KTA’s Certified Coating Inspector Forum  Volume 3, Issue No. 2 – February 2024  William Corbett, COO  AMPP Senior Certified Coating Inspector & Certified Protective Coating Specialist  ...
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Inspection plan featured image

Let’s Talk About Inspection Planning 

A properly prepared Inspection Test Plan can provide a roadmap of what to inspect, how to inspect, and what the acceptance criteria are, while minimizing ...
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Certified Coating Inspector Forum 2 Hero

Certified Coating Inspector Forum: Volume 2

This 2nd volume of the Certified Coating Inspector Forum is a compilation of 12 articles to help you stay up-to-date in the coatings industry.
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Surface Profile Hero Image
Surface Profile

Let’s Talk About Surface Profile: Understanding Angularity and Measuring Peak Count/Density Using Stylus Instruments and Optical Grade Replica Tape

Discover the nuances of surface profile including angularity and peak density using stylus instruments & optical tape.
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