Let’s Talk About In-Process and Post-Application Adhesion Testing

We discuss post-application adhesion testing of liquid-applied protective coating systems and in-process adhesion testing of thermal spray coatings.

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Concrete Coatings & Sealers

The Importance of Concrete Sealers on Concrete Surfaces

Concrete sealers act as water repellents, preventing water and chlorides from permeating the porous concrete surface, thereby protecting it from damage and corrosion.

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Surface Preparation

Let’s Talk About Using SSPC Visual Guide for Abrasive Blast Cleaning to Create a Project-Specific Cleanliness Standard 

Learn about the proper use of the SSPC visual guide for abrasive blast cleaning and how it may be used to assist in creating a project-specific surface cleanliness standard.

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Dry Film Thickness

Let’s Talk About Measuring Coating Thickness Destructively

Learn about destructively measuring coating thickness using a Tooke gage (or similar device) according to Procedure A in ASTM D4138

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Steel Fabrication

Let’s Talk About Cure Testing of Inorganic Zinc Rich Primers

We explore various methods of testing an IOZ primer for cure prior to overcoating. Inorganic zinc-rich primers are used on newly fabricated steel in the shop and frequently dry very quickly but may not cure for days unless there is sufficient airborne moisture available to react with the ethyl silicate binder.

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Let’s Talk About Environmental Protection Using Containments

Containments are frequently erected to protect the environment and public health and welfare. These same containments are often ventilated to protect both the environment and the workers inside. Coating inspectors frequently enter the containment to perform inspections of surface preparation and coating application work.

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Dry Film Thickness

Let’s Talk About Continuous Read Dry Film Thickness Measurement

Continuous read/scanning technology is readily available and can be specified when a project would benefit from a greater population of thickness measurements to help ensure consistency of the applied coating across large surfaces.

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Let’s Talk About Coating/Lining Hardness Testing

The relative hardness of an applied coating or lining can be quantified using Pencil Hardness (thin film coatings) or Durometers (thick film coatings).

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Importance of Documentation

Let’s Talk About the Importance of Documentation

Regardless of which party you are working for, documentation of inspection data is a critical role for a trained/certified inspector, albeit oftentimes one of the more dreaded tasks.

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