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Water Tank Inspection & Engineering Services

Are you looking for Water Tank Inspection Services?

KTA is a fully integrated engineering and tank inspection company specializing in both industrial and municipal water storage facilities. Our corrosion coatings laboratory coupled with our PhD’s in Material Science and Public Health, CIH’s, CSP and multiple Professional Engineers, provide a one stop shop to all your coating and Environmental, Health and Safety needs. We utilize industry best practices and our experience in the industrial storage tank market to provide long lasting solutions for the municipal water tank market.

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KTA's Water Tank Inspection Capabilities Include:

  • Full-Time NACE Certified Coatings Inspectors
  • Full-Time AWS Welding Inspectors with NDE Certifications
  • Tank Maintenance and Rehabilitation Engineering
  • Pre-Maintenance Evaluations
  • Review of Contractor Drawings/Submittals
  • Maintenance Prioritization
  • Antenna Installation on Water Towers
  • Observation of the Contractor’s Workmanship
  • Preparation of Specifications
  • New Tank and Tank Rehabilitation Design
  • Coating Consulting
  • Structural/Failure Analysis
  • Seismic Evaluation and Retrofit Design
  • Leak Prevention and Secondary Containment Engineering
  • Expert Witness and Dispute Resolution
  • Industry Leadership

How Can KTA Help?

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Condition Assessments

Sanitary, Coating, Cathodic Protection, and Safety members are evaluated for compliance with current AWWA, EPA, NACE and OSHA requirements using a focused investigative approach. Checklists are developed by in-house engineers with expertise in tank repair and construction. Final reports are developed that outline observations and recommended repairs or alternate maintenance strategies.

In-Process Quality Assurance Inspection

By utilizing KTA inspection services, tank owners can be assured that the Contractor is performing the specified work in accordance with OSHA requirements and applicable construction documents. KTA inspectors work towards extending the expected life of the coating through proper inspection of all aspects of surface preparation and coating application. KTA also performs weld/fabrication inspection on new construction and structural repairs.

Specification Preparation/Review

KTA’s extensive knowledge of tank systems support development of project specifications that address sanitary and structural repairs, surface preparation, coating application, and removal of coatings containing toxic metals. Containment criteria, worker and environmental protection and waste handling are addressed. Existing specifications are reviewed to confirm that the technical content is current with standard industry practice and applicable federal and state regulations.

Opinions of Costs

Based upon measurements from owner-supplied drawings and/or field verification of significant dimensions/quantities, opinions of costs, expressed as a range of probable costs, are developed for the recommended sanitary/structural repairs, or painting option(s). The methodology employed is generally based upon guidance from the Association for the Advancement of Cost Engineering (AACE).

Oversight of Hazardous Removal Projects

KTA can review submittals related to lead paint removal (i.e. containment, environmental and worker protection plans). Onsite support during removal of coatings containing toxic metals can be provided, including evaluation of contractor work practices and air monitoring.

Contractor Proposal and Submittal Evaluation

KTA engineers evaluate proposals and bids to verify that the scope of tank repairs has been adequately addressed, and that bids are reasonable compared to general industry practice. Shop drawings, quality assurance, and safety and health plans are reviewed for compliance with the specification and OSHA regulations.

Structural Assessment

KTA professionals utilize a detailed inspection and testing program to determine the structural integrity of your tank’s foundation, supports and container in accordance with current AWWA standards. Our comprehensive program includes in service ROV and visual inspections, as well as non-destructive testing to establish corrosion damage and deterioration of interior and exterior tank components.

Evaluation of Contractor Repairs

KTA’s staff of engineers and inspectors visit on-going or recently completed repair projects to confirm that the scope of work was adequately completed in accordance with the project specifications, approved shop drawings, and applicable regulations.

Coating Forensics

KTA consultants provide thorough investigations to determine the cause of premature failure, provide repair recommendations including proper specifications. KTA staff provide expert witness testimony in the event of litigation

Laboratory Testing

KTA’s ISO 17025 accredited laboratory can provide independent coating testing and evaluation including accelerated testing protocols. Coating manufacture comparative testing can be performed and independently verified.