Our Organization

KTA is a  100% Employee-Owned Company

Premier organizations like KTA that value customer satisfaction above all else, align their organization and processes in a manner that best meets customers’ needs. While our organization has proven to be responsive to market and KTA needs, we continually re-evaluate our service delivery structure to ensure that it is of the greatest value to our clients. In 2006, after a long and detailed strategic planning process, KTA consolidated all operations into 5 business units, with each of the managers located in the KTA corporate headquarters. The business units are based on the services we provide countrywide, and include the following:

Coatings Inspection Group – This business unit is managed by Kimmer Cline. In addition to the Group Manager, the Coatings Inspection Group includes an Inspection Services Administrator, QA Administrator, 9 area/project managers, over 100 resident engineers and field coatings inspection staff, as well as associated administrative support personnel.

The Group‘s area/project managers are located in KTA’s corporate offices and strategically across the U.S. This team of area/project managers works together with Group administrative support staff to sell, staff, and deliver coatings inspection services across the country, and internationally. The area/project managers also oversee KTA’s project design and contract administration services for clients, and draw upon the Professional Services business unit staff to provide multidisciplinary specialty services, such as consulting and environmental, health, and safety on projects. This arrangement was selected in order to make KTA services seamless and to retain a single client manager responsible for servicing the needs of our clients.

Steel and Concrete Services Group – This business unit is managed by VP Jamie Hilton. Like Coatings Inspection, the Group is responsible for selling, staffing, and delivering all KTA steel and concrete inspection services, nationwide and in Canada. In addition to the Group Manager, the Steel and Concrete Services Group includes 3 project managers, business development and administrative support staff, and over 70 certified weld and concrete inspectors.

Professional Services Group – This business unit is managed by Rob Leggat. The Group includes the specialty disciplines of Coatings Consulting, Laboratory Services, Coatings Engineering, Environmental, Health & Safety, Training, and Quality Management. Each of these disciplines is housed at KTA’s corporate offices, easily facilitating required interaction on multidisciplinary projects. Similar to the other Groups, the Professional Services Group is responsible for all aspects of sales, staffing, and delivery of their projects. However, the Group relies on the regional area/project managers from the Coatings Group to coordinate services on multidisciplinary projects in order to maintain the single client manager responsible for servicing the needs of our clients.  The Professional Services Group also has coating consultants located in various parts of the country.

In addition to the Group Manager, the Professional Services Group includes department managers for each of the 5 areas of professional practice, together with a staff of 20 discipline professionals, and associated business development and administrative support staff.

Instrument Sales Group – This business unit is managed by COO Bill Corbett. The Group provides one-stop shopping for over 350 instruments, gages, and equipment used in the coatings industry through a team of in-house sales and support staff, and an online catalog.

Corporate Administration Group is managed by CEO Dave McFayden. The Group includes company management (executives, QA, and finance), accounting and information systems, human resources, and corporate services (contract management, client development) departments. Each of these departments works with all of the operating Groups, improving operational efficiency while minimizing cost.

Pete Ault is President and Senior Consultant for KTA. He is a registered professional engineer in New York and New Jersey and received a BS degree in Mechanical Engineering and an MBA from Drexel University. He has studied coatings and corrosion phenomena on a wide variety of applications; some of which include ships, bridges, pipelines, offshore platforms, storage tanks, and historic structures. He holds coatings specialist certifications from AMPP, and is actively involved in AMPP, SNAME, and ASTM.

The business unit organizational structure has proven to be invaluable in enabling KTA to achieve our stated goals. The organization is focused on cost-effectively meeting client needs for specialized and/or multidisciplinary project services. With centralized operations at the corporate headquarters, Group Managers can respond in moments and meet face-to-face to resolve any client concerns.