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Lead and Toxic Metal Specifications

Lead paint removal specificationsThe long-term success of any project is greatly determined by proper planning in the design phase.  And to be of value, the plan needs to be effectively communicated to prospective contractors so that desired outcomes are achieved.  When the project involves the demolition of structures where coatings containing lead or other toxic metals are present, or the project involves the repair or disturbance of coatings that contain lead or other toxic metals, the need for effective communication of the plan takes on added importance.  KTA prepares performance-based, project-specific technical specifications that address General, Material and Execution issues related to worker protection, environmental protection, containment, and hazardous waste management.  The topics typically addressed in each of these sections are summarized below.  Where possible, specifications are written in “performance” language, so that goals and objectives are established, while the means and methods of construction are left to the contractor.  The end result is a clear-cut, effective plan that meets the needs of the owner.


The General section describes the Scope of Work, contractor qualifications, reference documents, applicable regulations, submittal requirements, and other information that may be needed to establish project specific policies or jobsite restrictions.


The Materials section identifies material and equipment requirements for containment, personal protective equipment, hygiene facilities, personal and area air monitoring, and containers for hazardous waste.


The Execution section addresses requirements for worker protection from toxic metal exposures, containment in accordance with SSPC Guide 6 classifications, monitoring requirements to confirm that the containment is controlling emissions, management of hazardous waste streams, and project clean up.

In addition to developing project-specific specifications, KTA also reviews existing specifications for technical accuracy and compliance with applicable standards and regulations.  Following the review, recommendations for improvement and issues to consider are offered for owner consideration.

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