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Trained and certified professionals help commercial building owners properly protect and maintain their vital assets. KTA provides building-envelope inspection and consulting services for office buildings, small retail shops, strip centers, medium-box retail, big-box retail, apartments, commercial housing, and restaurants coast to coast. KTA assists in preserving and enhancing owners’ brand image. Visual deficiencies such as peeling paint are not permanently solved by simply applying another coat of paint.  In many cases a quick band-aid can compound the problem and mask even greater concerns with the building envelope. KTA assists commercial building owners in fixing it right the first time, reducing future expense and capital dollars. KTA building envelope services determine the cause of paint failures and provide recommendations for remediation; whether due to paint selection and installation, or other issues such as defective gutters and roofs, wet insulation, or air/vapor passage through the walls. KTA’s insights help achieve high quality, cost-effective protection and aesthetic appeal of your assets.

KTA understands that commercial building owners’ needs and priorities are constantly changing. KTA has the tools available to help owners know the condition of their entire portfolio in just a few clicks on the computer, along with helpful repair estimates. These tools help owners determine which assets to target with available budget dollars. KTA provides guidance during design and construction to prevent problems from occurring and diagnoses problems after-the-fact. KTA brings over 70 years of company experience in support of every project.

For more information on KTA’s  Commercial services, click here for a general brochure (583 Kb), or click on any of the links below:

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