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KTA was founded in 1949 as an independent organization for evaluating the performance of protective coatings in corrosive environments.  KTA’s Engineers provide a variety of services that include condition assessments for a variety of structures, maintenance planning, life cycle cost analysis, drone (ROV and UAV) inspections, and coatings related design services.  KTA’s NACE and SSPC Certified Engineers have a wide range of specialty certifications and an average industry experience of over 10 years.  Some of KTA’s engineers are professionally licensed engineers.

KTA’s Engineering Services Include:

As an Integrated Team of Engineers and Coatings Experts, we help mitigate corrosion-related failure risks such as:

  • Bridge Collapses
  • Pipeline Explosions
  • Hazardous Material Leaks & More

We do this by identifying and mitigating areas of accelerated corrosion. KTA’s engineers work in any industry employing high-performance protective coatings and linings as a component to their corrosion prevention and aesthetic improvement processes.

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Why Use KTA On Your Next Project?

KTA is a consulting engineering company specializing in protective coatings. Since its founding in 1949, KTA has provided a broad range of specialized services aimed at asset management and protection. Condition assessment and coating evaluation services have been a critical core service throughout KTA’s history.  KTA’s Engineering consists of a variety of disciplines: Civil, Mechanical, Materials, and Polymer Engineering.  The Group is also backed by the collective insights of over 15 consultants and laboratory professionals with over 250 years of combined experience in the coatings industry.

KTA's Coatings Engineering Services Answer the Following Questions:

  • I need help designing a maintenance painting program. Can KTA assist me?
  • How do I know what condition my coatings are in, so that I can select the right maintenance strategy?
  • How much will maintenance painting work cost?
  • How long will my installed coating systems last?
  • How do I know that the containment & ventilation system design that the contractor has submitted meets specification?

How Can KTA Help?

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