Developing Opinions of Probable Cost for Maintenance Painting

“Our Facility Needs Maintenance Painting Work Done.
How Much Should I Expect to Pay?"

The costs associated with corrosion prevention/protection can be high, but not as high as the cost of corrosion and repair of structural damage and section loss caused by a lack of maintenance. Maintenance painting costs can be forecasted and subsequently budgeted over 5-year periods. But where do you begin? KTA can help…

In the process of forecasting probable construction costs,
many factors must be considering including:

  • The Maintenance Strategy
  • Access
  • The Presence of Toxic Metals in Existing Coatings
  • Surface Preparation Methods
  • Coating Installation Methods
  • The Coating System Selected
  • The Area of the Country Where the Structure is Located

These and other factors are all known to influence costs. KTA’s Project Engineers have a vast database of information and formulas that enables them to consider all of the factors known to impact construction costs and prepare an independent opinion of probable cost (OPC, an opinion of likely bid ranges based on the degree of maintenance required; i.e., spot touch-up, zone painting, complete removal, and replacement). OPC’s can also be provided in conjunction with coating condition assessments, corrosion surveys, maintenance painting recommendations.

Developing Opinions of Probable Cost

Why Use KTA for Cost Estimations?

The OPCs prepared by KTA are based upon guidance from the Association for the Advancement of Cost Engineering (AACE). By securing likely bid ranges for coating work, you’ll have a robust tool that will enable you to objectively evaluate contractor bids.

KTA’s Cost Development Services Will Help Answer the Following:

  • How do I know what maintenance painting will cost so that I can budget accordingly?
  • How will the presence of toxic metals in the existing coating impact cost?
  • How does the maintenance strategy influence cost?
  • How does access to the structure, the type of structure and the location of the structure influence costs for maintenance painting?

How Can KTA Help?

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