Are you looking for a Coatings Maintenance Management Service?

The KTA CAPP™ (Coating Assessment and Painting Priority) System is a proprietary, computer-based asset management system and methodology that is used to house and analyze large volumes of data collected during a coating condition assessment survey.

KTA's Coating Assessment and Painting Priority (CAPP™) System Service is ideally suited for large facilities like:

  • Power Plants
  • Waste Water Treatment Facilities
  • Statewide Bridge Structures
  • Tank Farms
  • Pipeline
  • Other Complex Industrial Facilities

Why Use KTA to Manage Your Coatings Maintenance Program?

The KTA CAPP™ System is designed to efficiently and cost-effectively manage the coating condition assessment and corrosion protection needs of facility owners.  It identifies the optimum time to touch-up, overcoat, or remove/replace the coatings on the components of each facility.

Maintenance needs are forecasted for five years, together with the net present value, cost, and the future value cost of the work.  This novel approach to coating system maintenance helps facility owners optimize the use of available funds during future maintenance operations while controlling corrosion and its potential adverse effects on facility operations. For a complete explanation of the benefits of the KTA CAPP™ System, access the video on this page.

KTA’s Coating Assessment and Painting Priority (CAPP) Service Will Help Answer the Following:

  • How do I know what needs to be maintained with coatings?
  • How do I know if total removal and replacement of the existing system is really necessary, or whether I have other maintenance options?
  • How do I know what coatings to use?
  • How do I know what maintenance painting will cost so that I can budget accordingly?
  • How do I know when maintenance painting will be required in the future?

How Can KTA Help?

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