KTA Announces the Promotion of Cindy O’Malley

Remarkable Career Achievements during her 18 years of service.

(Pittsburgh, PA) – KTA-Tator, Inc. is pleased to announce the promotion of Cindy O’Malley to Manager of Consulting and Laboratory Services.  In her new role, O’Malley will oversee all consulting services, including failure analysis, system selection and specification development services, and research projects.  She will continue to oversee the analytical laboratory and the physical testing laboratory services.  During her 18 years with KTA, O’Malley has advanced her career through department leadership initiatives and dedicated involvement with industry organizations. Significant to her success, O’Malley has demonstrated leadership capabilities in various organizations within her technical field such as the Pittsburgh Society for Coatings Technology, the American Coatings Association, SSPC, ASTM, and NACE.

KTA views O’Malley as a significant asset to their organization and representative of the future leadership of the company. Her early career in process development has contributed toward her career progression from a quality assurance coordinator, to a coatings analyst, followed by technical laboratory manager and laboratory services manager to her current position within KTA’s professional services. In her expanded role, O’Malley will manage coating failure investigation services, some of which involve litigation support and expert witness testimony. Additionally, she will oversee all efforts to provide paint, corrosion and material testing services including: Coatings research, paint failure investigations and compositional analysis. Under Cindy’s direction, consultants, scientists, chemists and research & development specialists provide clients with independent analyses of coatings problems and advance the industry’s understanding of the performance characteristics of protective coatings and abrasive media.

Cindy is an SSPC Certified Protective Coatings Specialist, is currently serving as the President of the Pittsburgh Society for Coatings Technology (PSCT), is a member of ASTM International, and a regular lecturer on the application of analytical chemistry to paint and coating failures, and physical testing methods. Additionally, she received the 2013 Presidents’ Lecture Series award from SSPC, an Outstanding Presentation Award from the Pittsburgh section of NACE and she is the 2014 Chair of the Education Program Advisory Committee (EPAC) for SSPC as well as the Program Chair for SSPC Women in Coatings Program.

Scott Rice, KTA’s Vice President of Business Development comments, “Cindy O’Malley is an instrumental asset to KTA, and she has proactively developed her career by being actively involved in numerous organizations ultimately being regarded as one of Industry’s ‘experts’.”

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