Fossil Power

Fossil Power

Typical services: coating condition assessments, paint surveys, paint specifications, contract administration, 3rd party QA paint inspection, steel and weld inspection.

The fossil power industry is under heavy pressure from the government as well as the public to become as environmentally friendly as possible. This may take the form of cleaner fuels, more efficient burners, or more sophisticated scrubbers. The paints and coatings used to protect these facilities and equipment against corrosion must perform in an aggressive environment including chlorides, oxides of sulfur and nitrogen, and others corrosive agents. Due to the aggressive operating environment, shutdowns during scheduled outages and emergencies frequently involve corrosion protection issues. High temperature environments, lead, arsenic and other heavy metals are just a few additional concerns potentially impacting structural repairs and maintenance painting work.

KTA’s staff of certified protective coatings specialists, professional engineers, certified coatings inspectors, and certified environmental health & safety professionals can help the fossil power industry address these coatings and regulatory challenges. KTA offers a range of services to the industry including coating system selection (to best fit each facility), updating coatings and paint specifications to keep up with new government regulations, quality assurance paint and steel inspection services (CWI, NDT, ASME), and forensic paint failure investigations and associated laboratory analysis.

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