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KTA-Tator, Inc. (KTA) provides facility owners, architects/engineers, contractors, fabricators, and manufacturers peace of mind that the integrity of steel and concrete structures and other assets are properly assessed and protected. 

KTA’s specialties include coatings and corrosion engineering and inspection; steel and concrete fabrication inspection; field and laboratory coatings failure analysis; environmental, health and safety consulting; and contract administration for maintenance and construction activities. 

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KTA University Articles

Let’s Talk About Cure Testing of Inorganic Zinc Rich Primers

We explore various methods of testing an IOZ primer for cure prior to overcoating. Inorganic zinc-rich primers are used on newly fabricated steel in the shop and frequently dry very quickly but may not cure for days unless there is sufficient airborne moisture available to react with the ethyl silicate binder.

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Let’s Talk About Environmental Protection Using Containments

Containments are frequently erected to protect the environment and public health and welfare. These same containments are often ventilated to protect both the environment and the workers inside. Coating inspectors frequently enter the containment to perform inspections of surface preparation and coating application work.

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