Walkway Audits and Floor Maintenance Consulting

Each year millions of people are injured from accidental slips and falls, making it one of the leading causes of emergency room visits in America (8.9 million emergency room visits each year). Not only can slip and falls result in injury, they are a major cause of death, with thousand’s of people dying from the consequences of slip and fall incidents each year.  These staggering facts alone make walkway safety a major concern.  In addition, slip and fall injuries cost owners around $28,000 per occurrence.

KTA conducts walkway audits to determine the slip resistance of walkway surfaces, and identify other factors that influence slips and falls.   Certified staff conducts walkway audits consisting of visual assessments, physical testing, and floor cleaning procedure reviews. Visual assessments identify abnormal wear patterns, abnormal conditions such as excessive surface contamination, the condition of floor coverings, and the placement and condition of walk-off mats.  Physical testing includes wet and dry slip resistance testing utilizing portable variable incidence and drag sled Tribometers to determine the coefficient of friction (COF) of the walkway surface.  Gloss and light meter readings are also recorded. Gloss and inadequate lighting can be contributing factors to slips and falls.  The cleaning procedures are reviewed, and the condition of the cleaning equipment assessed. The type of cleaning solutions and dilution ratios are documented in order to determine the effectiveness of the cleaning program, and whether the materials and procedures could adversely affect walkway safety.  All findings from the audit are documented.

Walkway audits provide the facility with the information necessary to develop a proactive walkway safety program. A proactive program shows that facility managers are serious about the safety of their customers and employees, and can also lead to positive incentives from insurance providers.  Contact us today to learn more about KTA walkway audit programs for your facility.

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