Commercial Paint Inspection

Cleaning and painting of commercial buildings involves a complex mix of surface preparation and application methods. KTA provides owners with an in-depth quality assurance program that ranges from full time commercial paint inspection to unannounced audits, or final walk-down inspections.

The wide variety of substrates on commercial buildings requires different cleaning techniques such as pressure washing with a variety of pressures and tips, hand and power tool cleaning, chemical stripping, and abrasive blast cleaning. Methods of application include brush and roller, and conventional and airless spray, with and without back rolling. Multiple operations take place simultaneously on a variety of substrates with different coating systems and methods of cleaning and application. Independent inspection provides the assurance that the work is accomplished in accordance with the specification requirements producing a high quality project. KTA has a staff of approximately 100 trained and qualified inspectors. All have internal KTA certifications and most have NACE and/or SSPC certifications.

KTA Inspectors confirm that the work complies with the specification. Inspections include ambient conditions, concrete moisture assessments using specialized moisture meters, quality of surface preparation and application, coating mixing, thickness, continuity, coverage and visual appearance. If non-compliant work is identified, an in-depth non-conformance system is used to resolve the issues on the owner’s behalf. As the project progresses, punch lists are maintained to track work requiring repair. Comprehensive daily written and photographic documentation is provided to the owner through KTA’s web-based system.

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