Ambient Air Monitoring

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Ambient air monitoring is commonly performed on industrial lead paint removal projects as a way to evaluate the effectiveness of the containment system in controlling emissions.  Ambient air monitoring is typically conducted for Total Suspended Particulate in the form of lead (TSP-lead) and/or particulate matter less than 10 microns in diameter (PM-10), which is a respirable fraction.

ambient air monitoring servicesOn individual projects, KTA is able to provide a wide range of services related to ambient air monitoring.  The first step in the process usually involves an assessment of potential sensitive receptors and the development of a project-specific ambient air monitoring plan/strategy.  Based on the proximity of sensitive receptors to the work area, KTA will recommend where ambient air monitoring should be performed, and at what frequencies.  Once lead paint removal begins, KTA is able to provide on-site environmental field technicians to conduct the required monitoring.  Technicians calibrate the air monitors, replace the filters, complete the necessary documentation, and forward the filters on to the analytical laboratory for analysis in accordance with the requirements of 40 CFR 50.  Once results of the analyses are received from the laboratory, calculations are performed and a final report is prepared which includes the work activities for the day, monitor locations, wind speed/direction, and sampling duration and flow rate for each sample.  The final report is also modified to include a comparison of the actual results to the acceptance criteria established in the project specification.

For projects where KTA is not performing on-site monitoring, we can provide laboratory analysis and reporting, as well as construction phase submittal review of ambient air monitoring results for compliance with project specification requirements.

In addition to the above project specific services, KTA offers monitor rental of both TSP and PM-10 units, as well as calibration and maintenance services for firms who own their own units.

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