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Coating Failure Analysis Learning Series – Part 1 of 6

Welcome to the KTA Coating Failure Analysis Video Learning Series!

This is a six-part video series that demonstrates the field and laboratory methods that were used to determine why a new coating system applied to a previously painted concrete floor had failed. Each part is standalone, addressing a different aspect of the evaluation, but when viewed in order, they present a systematic step-by-step process for analyzing the cause of the failure, starting with the initial collection of background information, and ending with the laboratory analysis of samples.  The first five videos, covering the field assessment, were filmed at an actual jobsite and are narrated by KTA President, Ken Trimber. The sixth video covering the Laboratory Forensic Analysis was filmed in the KTA laboratory and is narrated by KTA Senior Chemist, Chrissy Stewart.

The first video in this series is embedded below.  One additional video will be released every Friday at noon for the next five weeks, so be sure to check back every Friday through Oct 7 to view the next installment. We will also be sending out an email reminder containing the next part to those who are on our contact list.  If you’re not on our list, and would like to receive the email reminders, please CLICK HERE to opt-in to our contact list.

We hope these videos are of value to you. If you find them to be helpful, you can share them with colleagues on a variety of social media platforms using the Social Share Bar on the right-hand side of this screen (bottom of screen if using Mobile Device). Without further ado, here is the first video in the series.

Part 1: Project Familiarization & Interview

This video describes the information that should be gathered during the initial steps of the project, and demonstrates the types of questions that are asked at an on-site interview.  It is important to gather the background information and understand the big picture before pulling out your instrumentation.  Information that is critical to solving the problem can be lost if you jump too quickly into picking and probing without first recognizing patterns and understanding the history of the project.

Have you performed site interviews in the past? Experienced a similar situation? Let us know in the comments section below.

2 thoughts on “Coating Failure Analysis Learning Series – Part 1 of 6”

  1. Hmmm! Wow, I must be getting old, as I had to learn about ‘failed coatings’ and the cause of and or how NOT to have to strip and recoat at my own expense, simply (not really simple) by having to do so and because i was responsible for the application. I had to go through every process of the job (in my head) and from the jobs work sheets to determine where i may have (i did) fail.
    Where were you then KTA? 🙂 lol. These videos are of a great service to anyone who is in this business as well as those needing to use these services and products for their businesses or selves.

    Your Painter / Bill Johnson

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