Cathodic Protection Services

KTA-Tator, Inc. (KTA) has teamed with Elzly Technology Corporation (Elzly) to provide turnkey assessment, design, QA oversight and ongoing monitoring of Cathodic Protection (CP) systems on pipelines, bridges, and other industrial structures. KTA is widely recognized as a leading provider of consulting and field services involving assessment, design, QA oversight, and management of corrosion protection using high-performance coating systems.  Elzly is a consulting engineering firm specializing in corrosion mitigation involving materials selection and cathodic protection. Combined, the KTA/Elzly team provides a complete range of corrosion control services, tailored to the needs of facility owners and the world’s infrastructure.

Services We Offer:

-Existing CP System Assessment
-New CP System Design
-QA Oversight During Installation
-System Performance Monitoring
-Corrosion Mitigation Planning
-Rebar and Fiber Wrap Inspection
-Cathodic Protection Inspection Equipment
-Cathodic Protection Equipment Repair and Recertification


James Ellor
Senior Consultant
(703) 738-6624

Dominic Pasquarelli
CP Equipment Repair and Certification
412-788-1300 Ext. 128