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Highlights of Revisions to SSPC-CS 23.00/AWS C223M/NACE No. 12 Specification for Thermal Spray Coatings (TSC)

SSPC-CS 23.00/AWS C223M/NACE No. 12 Specification for the Application of Thermal Spray Coatings (Metallizing) of Aluminum, Zinc, and Their Alloys and Composites for the Corrosion Protection of Steel was originally published in 2003 by three societies, including SSPC: The Society for Protective Coatings, the American Welding Society (AWS) and NACE International.

AWS C223M/NACE No. 12Ten years later a Task Group was formed and began revising the document to update, streamline it (reduced from 32 pages to 12 pages) and make it more useable for contractors and facility owners. The first step was to change it from a specification to a Joint Standard/Standard Practice. Then many of the prescriptive items (i.e., means and methods) that were in the 2003 document were removed (these are left to the contractor). This brief article highlights the more significant changes to the Standard. The current published version (September 2016) is available from any of the three organizations listed above.



Thermal spray coatings are becoming more mainstream and can be used to protect steel and concrete structures. However, they are not a “forgiving” coating and are not surface tolerant. The “tri-society” standard was prepared to aid in developing specifications, work plans, and QC plans to help ensure the successful application of Thermal Spray Coatings. Contractor qualification is another key component. SSPC’s Qualification Procedure 6 (QP 6) under their Painting Contractor Certification Program (PCCP) helps ensure that the company installing the TSC is qualified to do so.

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