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Coating systems are often applied to test panels for field exposure or accelerated weathering testing. Critical decisions on markets to enter and service environments where the systems will and won’t work are oftentimes based on how coatings perform on the test panels. We specialize in preparing Abrasive Blast-Cleaned Panels and Coated Steel Test Panels.

KTA's Test Panel Preparation and Coating Services Answer the Following Questions:

  • How are coated test panels used to determine suitability of a coating system for a particular environment?
  • How critical is the surface preparation when evaluating coating performance using test panels?
  • How critical is the consistency of the film build when evaluating coating performance using test panels?
  • What is the value of a single source for fabrication, preparation and coating of test panels?

Why Use KTA On Your Next Project?

Our staff has decades of experience and has worked with thousands of coating materials. We employ a semi-automated spray arm for applying coatings with a high level of precision using automatic conventional and airless spray equipment. Our one-stop-shop for test panel fabrication, blast cleaning and coating application is efficient, and the quality of the applied coating systems is always the top priority.


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