SSPC-QS 1, Standard Procedure for Evaluating a Contractor’s Advanced Quality Management System

SSPC-QS 1, Standard Procedure for Evaluating a Contractor’s Advanced Quality Management System  (ISO 9001 Compliant) is the standard procedure in the SSPC PCCP program that requires participating contractors to implement and document more stringent (i.e., ISO 9001 compliant) quality control and record-keeping procedures than those required by SSPC-QP 1.

A written Quality Control Manual is a component to QS 1 and is required by SSPC to attain QS 1 certification. Under the direction of an SSPC Certified Protective Coating Specialist with over 35 years of experience in the coatings industry, KTA has developed a Quality Control Manual specifically designed to address the requirements of the SSPC-QS 1 certification standard that includes the following items: organization and management; personnel qualification and training; equipment and equipment reference materials; measurement traceability and calibration; inspection methods and practices; traceability of records and reports; subcontracting policies and procedures; management of outside vendors and suppliers; and complaint resolution. The manual includes your company name and logo, and is customized to include company-specific procedures where appropriate. The manual also outlines procedures for the successful implementation of a program to control the quality of painting work. To assist in this effort, the manual contains appendices that provide general quality control inspection procedures, as well as instruction on the proper calibration and use of coating inspection instrumentation and visual guides. The manual and the associated forms and procedures contain the date of issuance, the issuer’s name and title, signature of approval, and revision number.

The manual includes over 20 fill-in-the-blank forms and checklists that are provided as Microsoft Word files and have been pre-programmed for ease in completing them electronically. The manual also includes place holders to allow for insertion of resumes of key Quality Control personnel and job descriptions of key management personnel. The manual is issued electronically via email as a pdf file.

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