Saudi Aramco Materials Specification System (SAMSS)

Saudi Aramco Materials Specification System

Saudi Aramco is the world’s largest oil company and maintains arguably the most comprehensive coating specification system for protection of its assets. Saudi Aramco Engineering Standards (SAESs) list Approved Protective Coating Systems (APCSs) for different applications:

SAES-H-001 “Coating Selection and Application Requirements for Industrial Plants and Equipment”;

SAES-H-002 “Internal and External Coatings for Steel Pipelines and Piping”;

SAES-H-003 “Protective Coatings for Industrial Concrete Structures”;

SAES-H-004 “Coating Selection and Application Requirements for Offshore Structures”.

Each of the APCSs specifies what testing protocol or material specification is required for qualification of individual products for each type of coating and various environments or exposures. Collectively these material specifications are known as the Saudi Aramco Materials System Specification (SAMSS).

For example, SAES-H-004 specifies 09-SAMSS-089 “Qualification Requirements for Shop-Applied Exterior FBE Coatings” for the surface preparation and coating application requirements of several FBE Coatings covered by multiple APCSs. APCS-104A is for external coating of pipelines and piping. APCS-104B is for external coating of high temperature pipelines and pipes. APCS-104C is for UV resistant, dual layer FBE coating of pipelines and pipes.

KTA is an approved laboratory for qualification testing of coatings for Saudi Aramco. Submission applications are reviewed and approved by Saudi Aramco prior to testing. Please contact KTA for details on what coating classes are currently open for submissions and how to apply to submit samples for testing.


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