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Project Submittal Review

Project Submittal Review

Many specifications for coating and lining work require the contractor to prepare submittals. These may include a project schedule, work plans, quality control plans, safety plans, containment and ventilation plans, environmental monitoring and waste management plans, material certifications and others. Submittals are intended to be project-specific and are typically reviewed and approved prior to production operations. Thoroughly reviewing submittals for conformance to the project specification is a critical step in helping to assure a successful project. We provide owners with peace-of-mind that the contractor and any of their subcontractors selected for surface preparation and coating application work thoroughly understand the requirements by critically reviewing their submittals relative to the requirements of the contract.

KTA has Engineers, Coatings Consultants, and Safety and Environmental Consultants all under one roof, providing owners with the convenience of dealing with a single firm to review and critique all submittals, using standard review procedures. Our staff holds membership and leadership positions on industry committees like ASTM, NACE and SSPC that are responsible for writing the standards that are invoked in specifications. We understand what should be included in submittals and only approve those that meet the requirements of the governing project specifications.