KTA Basic Coatings Training Certificate Renewal Program


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KTA Basic Coatings Training Certificate Renewal Program

Starting in 2016 KTA-Tator, Inc. (KTA) was required to put an expiration date on our Certificates of Completion for the Basic Coatings Inspection Training Course. If you attended this course in 2016 or earlier and received a Certificate of Completion and Continuing Education Units (CEUs), your Certificate will expire 3 years from the date it was issued. For many of you, that will occur sometime in 2019. If your original certificate does not have an expiration date, it too expires 3 years from the training date.

There is good news though. KTA recently established a Certificate Renewal Program. If you wish to renew your Certificate for an additional 3-years, you’ll need to successfully complete an open-book, 50-question Multiple Choice examination with a minimum score of 80%. The examination/certificate renewal cost is USD $99.00 per person.

To download the form and issue payment, click on the link below or copy and paste it into your Browser. Once your information and payment are processed you will receive a link to the e-Examination. This link is specifically generated for you and cannot be shared on other URL addresses.

Simply complete the e-Examination and click “submit.” KTA will grade your examination and issue a Certificate of Completion (provided you score a minimum 80%) listing the original training date and the renewal date. The Renewal Certificate will expire 3 years from the date of issuance.

If you are in need of a new Basic Coatings Inspection Book. A copy can be purchased by Clicking Here!

Have questions? Contact Debbie Morelli (dmorelli@kta.com); 412.788.1300, x187