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The long-term success of any project is greatly determined by proper planning, and execution of the plan. Managing and planning repairs, renovations and other maintenance needs of steel, concrete and other structures can be overwhelming. A thorough assessment of current coating conditions provides the necessary information for determining the most cost-effective maintenance strategy. Selection of coating materials and corresponding levels of surface preparation for the chosen maintenance strategy are equally important in protecting an owner’s fixed asset. Unfortunately, none of the results of the first two steps are of value unless effectively communicated to prospective contractors through a technical specification so that desired outcomes are achieved.

KTA’s consultants have prepared hundreds of coatings and toxic metal specifications for a variety of facility owners. Project-specific technical specifications are prepared based on options and criteria derived from coatings and/or environmental assessments. The specifications address issues relating to required surface preparation and coating application and/or unique controls required to mitigate recognized environmental, public or worker health hazards from the toxic metals in the existing coating.

KTA specifications are provided in 3 parts: General, Materials, and Execution and uniquely tailored to the project based on the findings and recommendations presented in the design report.  When the project involves the disturbance of paints containing toxic metals, requirements for worker and environmental protection, containment, and management of the hazardous waste are provided in a separate specification. Where possible, specifications are written in “performance” language, so that goals and objectives are established while leaving the means and methods of construction/compliance to the contractor. The end result is a clear-cut, effective plan of execution that meets the needs of the owner and properly protects the asset/structure.

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