Slip Critical Painted Bolted Connection

Podcast #3 – Slip-Critical Painted Bolted Connections

This 17 minute podcast features KTA’s Carly McGee, moderated by KTA’s Ken Trimber. It discusses key aspects of slip-critical bolted connections including testing methods, testing equipment and standards, and a discussion based on frequently asked questions. 

Carly is KTA-Tator Inc.’s Physical Testing Laboratory Manager. She’s a member of the RCSC Standards Committee, which is the Research Council on Structural Connections. The RCSC is responsible for the development of Standards pertaining to Bolted Connections.

Ken Trimber is KTA-Tator, Inc’s President. He is an SSPC Certified Protective Coatings Specialist and a NACE Level 3 Certified Coatings Inspector. He’s also a Member of the SSPC Standards Review Committee responsible for reviewing and approving SSPC Standards.