KTA Acquires Elzly Technology Corporation

Pittsburgh, PA – KTA-Tator, Inc (KTA) is pleased to announce the signing of a purchase agreement between KTA and Elzly Technology Corporation (Elzly) on March 15, 2019. The merger will add Elzly’s coatings, corrosion engineering and cathodic protection services to KTA’s existing asset protection services.  Elzly will operate as an independent subsidiary of KTA from its offices in Reston, VA, Vineland, NJ, and Philadelphia, PA while offering its clients the benefits of the expanded KTA family of companies. The senior management teams of both firms are confident that the combined expertise will provide added benefits to current and prospective clients. KTA CEO, Dan Adley says, “KTA has traditionally looked to prevent corrosion through its 3rd-party quality assurance services and high-level consulting and laboratory expertise in protective coatings. Elzly’s engineers consider material selection, system design, and cathodic protection as added means of mitigation.   Our clients asked that we expand in these areas, and we listened.  Combined, KTA and Elzly offer clients a holistic approach to asset integrity.”

The portfolio of capabilities is highly aligned and complementary.  Moving forward, KTA and Elzly will offer more of an integrated approach to the industry and better serve transportation, defense, maritime and oil and gas markets.   

In addition to technical alignment of service offerings, the two companies have similar work environments, making for a smoother transition. KTA’s core values of passion, hard work, professionalism, and honestymeld perfectly with the Elzly culture.  “Jim Ellor, Pete Ault, and John Repp, the Principals of Elzly, reflect and have the same type of values that we hold dear. The entire Elzly team will work well in the participative environment that we use to develop strategy. We are confident that we will remain expertise-driven and provide preeminent services for our clients. All of the Elzly leadership team is authentic, living by the cultural beliefs and values that are the cornerstones of KTA’s employee-ownership culture,” says Adley.

Elzly ownership echoes those sentiments. Jim Ellor says, “like Elzly, KTA places a strong emphasis on their employees and is a recognized leader in the corrosion engineering field.  The market diversity and physical infrastructure of KTA provides opportunities for our existing staff and broadens services that we can offer our customers.  Over the last 12 years, we have developed a strong working relationship with KTA on various projects.”  

“All of KTA is excited to welcome the entire Elzly team as new co-owners of our combined company.  We are excited for the expanded services we will be able to offer our clients, and for the expanded career opportunities we will be able to offer all employees,” Adley said.