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ISO 12944 provides owners, consultants, inspectors, and coating manufacturers information on corrosion protection by paint systems. Part 2 of ISO 12944 describes the environmental impact of deleterious exposure on steel structures, focusing on structures exposed to the atmosphere as well as those immersed in water or buried in soil. A classification system based on corrosivity categories is provided to aid in the selection of suitable paint systems for adequate corrosion protection.

The classification system for atmospheric exposure consists of corrosivity categories C2, C3, C4, and C5. Corrosivity categories for structures immersed in water or buried in soil are also provided in ISO 12944 in addition to special corrosion stresses that may cause a significant increase in corrosion rate or place higher demands on the performance of the protective paint system. Classifications include Im1, Im2, and Im3. Cathodic disbondment testing is additionally recommended for structures that are under cathodic protection. Examples of water-immersed and soil-buried environments include offshore structures, steel piles, steel pipes, and buried tanks.

The corrosivity category defines the type(s) of exposure to which the coating system will be subjected. Exposures include:

  • Water Condensation (Humidity)
  • Neutral Salt Spray
  • Cyclic Aging
  • Water Immersion

Durability ranges of low, medium, high, and very high are assigned within each corrosivity category. The durability range defines the duration of the exposure, ranging from 48 to 2,688 hours.

The coating thickness applied to the test panels and adhesion strength of the coating system are measured prior to exposure, and replicate test panels are subjected to each of the exposures separately. Samples designated for neutral salt spray and cyclic aging are scribed mechanically prior to exposure. Following each of the exposures, specimens are evaluated for blistering, rusting, cracking, flaking, corrosion at the scribe (if applicable), and adhesion.

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