Institute of International Container Lessors (IICL)

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The Institute of International Container Lessors (IICL) is the leading trade association of the container and chassis leasing industry. KTA-Tator, Inc. has tested hundreds of coating systems and has been performing IICL Paint Certification Testing for over 15 years. The general procedures within the IICL Paint Test consist of cycles of specific exposure parameters for each type of coating system (interior and exterior). The physical testing procedures consist of blistering, rusting, scribe creep, adhesion, and impact. Color and gloss are measured prior to and following exposure for exterior systems only. Abrasion resistance is performed without exposure for interior systems only. Individual tests are assigned to one of three groups: corrosive, mechanical, or cosmetic. Systems are tested within one hour of exposure completion, and points are awarded are based on a scoring system. The group scores are combined and given a final total score for each coating system. A minimum total score of 70 is required to meet the IICL Paint Testing Specification. Once all testing is complete, a report is issued with all testing results and a scoring table listing the final scores. Certificates of completion can also be issued upon request. The testing is contracted directly with KTA and the client can submit the report to IICL.


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