Page Title Goes Here.

This needs to be the name of the Service or what the majority of customers call it. Sometimes what we call something and what the customer calls it differs. Right or wrong they are the searcher. This is also what our main keyword is or what we want to rank on Google or Bing for.

Relevant Statement or Question Goes Here

As a company we need to think about writing content for our customers. KTA has many accomplishments and we should not lose site of that. But, the person searching has an issue or a problem that they need solved. Saying “KTA is the Best at…” no longer cuts it. We need to explain to them how we can help in a concise way. The heading above should relate to this. Think about the phone calls you receive from customers. Do 80% of them all call regarding the same issue? Then that should be the above statement.

This block is where we will be putting ourSSPC QP5 Certification most important content. This area should contain our Primary keyword in the first sentence, and one secondary or related keyword in the first paragraph. Again we must display value to the customer and that we can solve their need. It must be customer focused writing.

Additionally, all pages will contain an image related to the service on the right side of the page. These can be stock photos or the Marketing Department can set them up.

KTA's "Primary Keyword" provides:

Unfortunately people have short attention spans. The average person stays on a website for less than 3 minutes and will leave if it takes longer than 2 seconds to load. For this reason this block will be the primary points of the page in bullet form. These bullets should provide the customer with information they need to make the decision, because it’s likely that they did not read the first paragraph. If it makes sense please use the primary or secondary keyword in the bullet list. People do what is called F skimming. If you want to know more about that, I’m willing to give you all of the boring details. But this is the reason the page is setup this way.

Why Use KTA On Your Next Project?

This is our last paragraph to sell the customer. Odds are if they ran down the F skim and found something that made them stop, they will read this paragraph. Please try and use the primary keyword at least once throughout this information.

Additional Info On Content Writing

The keyword being used in the section of the page is extremely important. With that said, we also need to be sure it makes sense to use it in a sentence. We do not want to force it into anywhere, but at the same time we need to see the keyword at a minimum of 4 times throughout the entire page body copy. Our department is here to assist anyone in the writing aspect if they have any questions.

Why the Image and the Video?

Google has shown data that 8 of 10 links on the first page normally include a video or an image.

“Primary Or Secondary Keyword” Answers The Questions:

Another bulleted list with 4-5 questions that our service provides the customer answers to. If it makes sense, attempt to use the primary keyword in the bulleted list.

Below is the CAPP video as an example. Each service will eventually have a video but this one is just used as an example to give you an idea of placement.