Typical water services: tank inspections, paint surveys, corrosion surveys, paint failure investigations, coating specifications, coatings inspection, OSHA safety assessments, steel inspection.

Water utility service companies are faced with various challenges associated with maintaining a constant, uncontaminated water supply for business and the general public. To meet these challenges, proper installation of newly constructed systems and continuous maintenance of existing structures in conformance with AWWA standards is critical. Premature coating failures, corrosion and more serious metal loss, and damage from ice are just a few of the paint-related issues that can adversely impact in-service operations. Unscheduled service interruptions, concerns arising from lead in existing coatings and solvent entrapment in new coatings, are just a few of the issues that further complicate tank operation and maintenance.

KTA’s certified protective coatings specialists, professional engineers, environmental consultants, certified industrial hygienists and safety professionals, and certified coatings and steel inspectors work with water utility companies to address these diverse challenges during the design, construction, operation and maintenance of water systems. Our services include structural evaluations, corrosion surveys, maintenance painting surveys, coating failure analysis, specification development, contract management, in-process inspection of construction and coating application, coatings and environmental training, environmental/worker monitoring and safety audits. KTA often works with professional engineering companies or direct to the water utility service company.

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