Typical wasterwater services include corrosion surveys, coating condition assessments, laboratory comparative analysis, coating failure investigations, coating specifications, contract administration, painting inspection, workplace safety.

Wastewater treatment facility owners are constantly faced with diverse challenges related to maintaining operating systems. Microbiologically induced corrosion and aggressive influent and effluent discharges place significant corrosion protection challenges on frequently deteriorating structures and equipment. Even with state-of-the-art systems, worker safety (particularly in confined spaces), protection of the public, pollution prevention and regulatory compliance make implementing effective corrosion protection of storage tanks, clarifiers or other structures a difficult challenge of vital importance.

KTA’s staff of certified protective coatings specialists, laboratory chemists, professional engineers, environmental consultants, certified industrial hygienists and safety professionals, and certified coatings and steel inspectors works with wastewater facility owners to address these diverse challenges. Our services include condition assessments, testing of alternative coating systems, specification preparation, contract administration, T-lock and coatings application inspection, and plant worker and laboratory safety assessments.

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