Coating Condition Assessment

Are you looking for an asset management program for Specialized Applications or Pipeline Integrity Assessments?

For large or complex operations where owners are interested in an asset management program, or specialized applications like pipeline integrity assessments (mandated by the US DOT), KTA utilizes its Coating Assessment and Painting Priority (CAPP®) System during our coating condition assessment.  KTA pioneered the development and use of this industry-leading computer based expert system as a tool in establishing long-term, cost-effective maintenance programs.

KTA's Coating Assessment and Painting Priority or CAPP® system provides:

  • Prioritize Your Painting Needs
  • Maintain Historical Data
  • Determine Lifecycle Cost Analysis
  • Record Photographic Documentation
  • Easy To Understand A+ to F Rating Scale
  • Data Driven Coating Condition Assessment
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Why Use KTA On Your Next Project?

With its professional expertise and innovative software, KTA helps its clients determine the most cost-effective method of protecting their physical assets not just for today, but for the long term. The coating condition assessment process begins with an initial site familiarization tour, review of available drawings, discussions with staff, and basic field mapping/measurements. Identified items are inventoried, and the condition of the coating relative to visible corrosion, peeling, and deterioration is recorded. Using a rating system of A+ through C, the CAPP® System uses the coating type, service environment, and substrate condition (abrasive blast cleaned, mill scale, etc.) to project coating degradation. A unique coating deterioration curve is assigned to each item by the computer based on this information. Other information that may be of interest to the user is also entered when available, such as pit depth, presence of rust scale, and other characteristics that help to better define the coating condition, as well as photographic documentation. In addition to painting issues, the CAPP® System is also used to track other visually observable maintenance items, such as cracked and spalling concrete, presence of grouting, floor irregularities, damaged gutters or fencing, etc.

CAPP® Answers The Questions:

  • What should I paint?
  • When should it be painted?
  • How should we paint it?
  • How much it will cost to paint?
For more information on the KTA CAPP© system please watch our video below!