Tank Inspection / Tank Assessment

Are you looking for a critical component of an effective long-term tank maintenance program?

Ongoing assessments of the condition of steel water storage tanks is a critical component of an effective long-term tank maintenance program. Managing and planning repairs, renovations and other maintenance needs of a water storage tank can be a daunting task. A thorough assessment of current conditions provides the necessary information for the safe, continued operation of the tank, for reducing lifecycle costs, and for the ultimate protection of the capital investment for this fixed asset.

KTA's Tank Inspection / Tank Assessment Program provides:

  • Evaluation of Existing Condition of Coating Systems including
    • Visible Coating Deterioration/ Visible Corrosion
    • Coating Thickness
    • Adhesion
    • Substrate Condition
    • Lead/Hazardous Metal Content
  • A Condition Assement focusing on the four (4) “S” Categories; Sanitary, Structural, Safety, and Sound Design & Operation
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Why Use KTA On Your Next Project?

KTA’s approach to tank condition assessments has been developed from years of experience on water tank projects. While KTA’s assessments are based on applicable industry standards (e.g. AWWA, OSHA, NFPA, NSF, ASTM), key issues that extend beyond those addressed in the standards are also considered. These issues typically pertain to design and operation practices.

The cornerstone of KTA’s approach involves an evaluation of the existing condition of coating systems (e.g. visible coating deterioration/visible corrosion, coating thickness, adhesion, substrate condition, lead/hazardous metal content) applied to the major structural components (i.e. legs, bowl, shell, roof) of the tank. The remainder of the condition assessment focuses on four “S” categories – Sanitary, Structural, Safety, and Sound Design and Operation. By combining the traditional assessment of coating conditions with an assessment of Sanitary, Structural, Safety, and Sound Design and Operation, KTA is able to provide clients with maintenance recommendations, opinions of probable repair or upgrade costs, and related life cycle implications

KTA Goes the Extra Mile

KTA gathers background information (i.e., construction and painting history) and reviews drawings in order to become familiar with site-specific conditions. Field assessments are made on accessible areas of representative structural components, and samples are removed from representative areas of the structure for laboratory evaluation. KTA’s state-of-the-art laboratory conducts analysis on the collected samples to determine the generic coating types, and toxic metal content of the existing coating systems. This is important to select a compatible over-coating system (if appropriate) and to determine environmental and worker protection requirements during any maintenance activities (painting or otherwise).

For more information on KTA’s Tank Inspection/ Tank Assessment Program, please watch our video below!