Steel Fabricators

Steel Fabricators

Typical Steel Fabricators services include certified welding inspection, nondestructive testing, paint inspection, OSHA safety evaluations, QC program development, coating inspector training.

Steel fabricators are challenged with stringent fabrication and coatings requirements imposed by specifications that incorporate the latest standards and guidelines of organizations like AISC, NACE, SSPC and others. Most shops manage multiple projects with multiple timelines in order to be cost-effective, all the while maintaining tight quality control standards. Along with these challenges is the need for rigorous worker safety and health practices and programs that meet industry criteria. Many specifications further mandate independent verification of fabrication and coating requirements.

KTA offers a staff of certified welding and coatings inspectors with shop floor experience in welding, fitting, layout and QC roles. Services include Certified Welding Inspectors (CWI), Non-Destructive Testing (PT, MT, UT and RT interpretation), ASNT Level III oversight, product sampling, and coatings inspection. This expertise is complemented by KTA’s industry recognized staff of certified protective coatings specialists, professional engineers, senior coatings and environmental consultants, and certified industrial hygienists and safety professionals who expand service offerings to include QC manual review (programs and procedures), welder and welding qualification testing verification, and independent fabrication process verification. To support the fabricators need to properly prepare and coat steel, KTA conducts two-day training courses on quality control of painting operations, which fulfill the quality control training requirements of the AISC Sophisticated Painting Endorsement. Courses include classroom lectures and hands-on exercises addressing the quality control requirements for surface preparation, mixing, thinning and application of multi-coat systems, and the use of inspection instruments and standards.

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