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SSPC QP9 Services

SSPC QP9 Services

Evaluates contractors who perform surface preparation and apply architectural paints on commercial or institutional structures. KTA provides the following services in support of Contractors seeking QP9 certification:

Quality Control Program:

In order to obtain QP9 certification, a written Quality Control Program is required. KTA prepares written Quality Control Programs for Contractor implementation that address the latest requirements of the QP9 certification. The program addresses Management Procedures, Technical Capabilities, and Job Quality Control.  Appendices to the program include Calibration and Use of Coating Inspection Instruments and Visual Guides; Quality Control Inspection Procedures; Process Control Procedures for Surface Preparation of Metal and Non-Metal Surfaces; a Place Holder for Resumes of Key Quality Control Personnel; and Place Holders for Organizational Chart and Job Descriptions of Key Management Personnel. The program also includes easy-to-complete, electronic forms. To learn more about the program or to order a copy of the Quality Control Program please contact us.