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Preparing specifications for coating work can seem straightforward but is actually a very complex and challenging assignment. A specification is actually a contract between the facility owner and the painting contractor. It needs to be thorough, clear, concise and coherent. It needs to be understandable by all parties, yet contain all of the elements associated with the project. Poorly written specifications often result in expensive change orders and even potential litigation, while well-written specifications lead to project success.

About KTA's Specification
Preparation Services:

KTA prepares performance-based, project-specific technical specifications based upon the owners preferred maintenance strategy and qualified/approved products list.  Our specifications are designed to address the General, Material and Execution issues relating to surface preparation and coating application (i.e., the “Coating” specification) and unique controls to mitigate recognized environmental, public or worker health hazards for the toxic metals in the existing coatings (i.e., the “Toxic Metal” specification).

specification preparation

KTA’s Specification Preparation Services Will Help Answer the Following:

  • What needs to be included in a specification?
  • Is there a specific specification format to be followed?
  • How do I know I am including the most appropriate and current industry standards?
  • How can a performance-based specification prevent expensive change orders and potential litigation?

Why Use KTA to Prepare Your Specifications?

KTA’s decades of experience in preparing specifications for coating work in a variety of environments and on many types of structures can be brought to bear on your next project. Our staff holds membership and leadership positions on industry committees like ASTM, NACE and SSPC that are responsible for writing the standards that are invoked in specifications.

KTA’s staff prepares specifications using “performance” language, so that goals and objectives are established while the means and methods of construction/compliance are left to the contractor. This approach to specification preparation helps avoid conflicts on the project and virtually eliminates change orders since the contractor determines how to achieve the requirements of the project, not the owner.

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