Pipelines & Terminals

Typical Pipelines & Terminals services: coating condition assessments, painting specifications, cathodic disbondment testing, 3rd party coating inspection, coating failure investigations, health and safety consulting, welding inspection.

Pipeline and Terminal facilities provide product transportation and storage services for the petrochemical industry. Major pipelines allow transportation of large volumes of crude oil, natural gas and other refined products to terminal destinations which in turn store products and then transfer via multiple modes of transportation to specified destinations. The industry faces various paint-related challenges, mostly associated with corrosion protection, process safety, and appearance. Pipeline and Terminal companies must routinely deal with regulatory agency standards and practices such as DOT mandated certifications and bi-annual inspections. Other challenges include field treatments of joints, cathodic protection, tank lining failures, API 653 requirements, and secondary containment integrity.

KTA’s certified protective coatings specialists, professional engineers, environmental consultants, certified industrial hygienists and safety professionals, and certified coatings and steel inspectors help clients address these diverse challenges. More specifically, KTA professionals provide facility paint surveys, coating specification preparation, cathodic disbondment and other specialized laboratory testing, coatings inspection, steel and weld inspection, industrial hygiene and waste management support, and training programs for in-house personnel.

KTA personnel participate in operator qualification (OQ) in client covered tasks and DOT drug testing when required by 49 CFR 192/195. Operator qualifications and other pipeline related data is managed through NCCer, ISNetworld, Veriforce and PEC Premier Safety.

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