Paint (Coatings) Performance Testing

KTA’s analytical and physical testing laboratories work together to provide independent coatings performance testing for owners and associations in order to generate test data for development of Qualified Products Lists (QPL). This process allows facility owners to obtain competitive pricing for coating materials without sacrificing performance, since all of the coating systems on the QPL have been tested and “pre-approved” for use. This instills a greater degree of confidence that the coating system will provide long term corrosion protection.

Testing procedures include analysis of composition and physical properties and performance testing. The compositional and physical property analysis is used to generate baseline properties, so that field batch testing data can be compared to properties of the coatings “as qualified.” Compositional testing includes, but is not limited to, coating characterization tests such as infrared spectroscopic analysis, volatile organic compound (VOC) content, exempt solvent analysis, toxic metals content, isocyanate content of polyurethane coatings, presence of hindered amine light stabilizers, solids content by weight, solids content by volume, pigment content by weight, percentage of zinc in the dry film and zinc purity Physical property testing includes density, viscosity, sag resistance and dry time. Performance testing includes, but is not limited to, salt fog resistance, cyclic weathering resistance including color and gloss stability assessment, water fog resistance, abrasion resistance, adhesion, resistance to thermal cycling, slip coefficient and tension creep testing for slip-critical connections, resistance to cathodic disbondment, immersion testing, flexibility, and impact resistance. READ MORE about Accelerated Weathering and Corrosion Testing.

Panel Preparation and Coating Application

KTA’s abrasive blast cleaning facility, machine shop, and coating application facility are an integral part of properly preparing specimens for testing. Our staff has decades of experience and has worked with thousands of materials. Our coating application facility employs a semi-automatic spray arm for applying coatings with a high level of precision with low variability via conventional and airless spray. The convenience of having fabrication, blasting and coating operations in one facility increases speed, quality and reliability. READ MORE about Abrasive Testing.

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