Paint and Coating Failure Analysis

The premature failure of a coating can leave an owner with a real mystery to solve, and the need for a plan to effectively remedy the problem. A thorough and objective analysis of a coating failure is critical to determine the proper remedial actions and to avoid further costly coating problems. KTA’s professionals have decades of experience in investigating all types of coating failures. The central element of KTA’s approach deals with the use of highly experienced coatings consultants to analyze the coating failure in order to identify potential causes and to develop reasonable approaches to remediate the problem. This analysis may include collection of data and documentation, examination of the physical structure and existing coating characteristics and sample procurement.

The KTA consulting staff is supported by highly trained laboratory professionals who, utilizing a state-of-the-art coatings analytical laboratory, offer forensic analysis of samples collected during the site visit. KTA consultants work in conjunction with the laboratory staff to select analytical method(s) necessary to identify and/or confirm potential causes of the failure. At a minimum, samples are examined under a microscope to determine the number and thickness of coats as well as the presence of contamination, voids or other objectionable property. Depending on the findings from the field investigation and the basic laboratory microscopic examination, other analytical tests may be performed. Preliminary conclusions are frequently discussed with other in-house coatings consultants to make the most of KTA’s extensive technical expertise and experience.  The end result provides the facility owner with insight as to why the failure occurred in the first place, and efficient methods for correcting the affected area(s).

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