Material Suppliers

Material Suppliers

Typical services: abrasive performance testing, paint testing including accelerated weathering and VOC analysis, health and safety evaluations, equipment performance evaluations, coating failure investigations.

Material and equipment suppliers (from surface preparation equipment and abrasives to coatings) interact with a variety of design professionals, facility owners and contractors from initial project concept through project completion and beyond. During this ongoing relationship, a variety of challenges can arise. One broad industry challenge is that there are few standardized batteries of tests on which end-users can use to develop a qualified products list (QPL), let alone QPL acceptance criteria, monitoring of actual product performance in the field, or evaluation of product health and safety concerns. In addition, material suppliers often have limited availability in their facilities for materials testing, and test results are frequently considered biased. On the other end of the spectrum, material suppliers often must confront alleged product failures during or after application.

KTA’s staff of certified protective coatings specialists, laboratory chemists, professional engineers, environmental consultants, and certified industrial hygienists and safety professionals works with material and equipment suppliers to address these diverse challenges. KTA expertise includes laboratory testing services (e.g., independent performance verification services, composition testing, solvent vapor (VOC) testing, accelerated weathering testing, etc.), coating failure investigations, worker and environmental protection services and expert witness testimony. Furthermore, KTA also provides specifically designed training programs to address the unique needs of coatings industry material suppliers.

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