Markets We Serve

The list of primary markets we serve provides an indication of the breadth of clients that KTA-Tator, Inc. (KTA) serves. Clients come to KTA because of the depth of expertise we offer, and the combined skills, talents and capabilities we bring to bear to solve their problems. The problems associated with the fabrication, erection and maintenance of structural assets vary across, and even within markets, but KTA is able to quickly adapt to these varied needs. Once exposed to KTA, clients stay with us because of the attention we pay to identifying and addressing their specific needs. KTA has demonstrated innovation and leadership in pioneering many of the services that are now considered standard fare in our industry. We bring this same enthusiasm for innovation to all of the markets we serve, and to each individual client. We are committed to marshaling the talents of the entire company to achieve superior results.

Our clients have come to expect the innovative solutions that are a hallmark of KTA. They are not looking for the low-cost commodity provider. Instead, they are focused on value, and we pride ourselves in our responsiveness to, and focus on, exceeding client expectations. The “Markets” pages referenced on this site represent the range of industries in which KTA has proven, definitive expertise. Each link provides an overview of the respective market, KTA’s capabilities, and links to project summaries that exemplify some of the services provided for clients in that market. We invite you to explore the markets that are the focus of KTA (listed on the left), recognizing that our core competencies can be applied to nearly any industry.

[innovation_icon_box layout_style=”style2″ icon=”fa fa-building” link=”″ title=”Architectural / Engineering”]
[innovation_icon_box layout_style=”style2″ icon=”flaticon-car80″ link=”″ title=”Bridges and Highways”]
[innovation_icon_box layout_style=”style2″ icon=”fa fa-building” link=”″ title=”Commercial Property”]
[innovation_icon_box layout_style=”style2″ icon=”flaticon-power30″ link=”″ title=”Contractors”]
[innovation_icon_box layout_style=”style2″ icon=”flaticon-factory6″ link=”″ title=”Fossil Power”]
[innovation_icon_box layout_style=”style2″ icon=”flaticon-fuel5″ link=”″ title=”Gas Production and Distribution”]
[innovation_icon_box layout_style=”style2″ icon=”fa fa-institution” link=”″ title=”Legal / Law”]
[innovation_icon_box layout_style=”style2″ icon=”fa fa-anchor” link=”″ title=”Marine / Offshore”]
[innovation_icon_box layout_style=”style2″ icon=”flaticon-delivery13″ link=”″ title=”Material Suppliers”]
[innovation_icon_box layout_style=”style2″ icon=”flaticon-cooling” link=”″ title=”Nuclear Power”]
[innovation_icon_box layout_style=”style2″ icon=”flaticon-barrel” link=”″ title=”Petro-Chemical”]
[innovation_icon_box layout_style=”style2″ icon=”flaticon-rain18″ link=”″ title=”Pipelines & Terminals”]
[innovation_icon_box layout_style=”style2″ icon=”flaticon-weight8″ link=”″ title=”Precast Concrete”]
[innovation_icon_box layout_style=”style2″ icon=”flaticon-tower11″ link=”″ title=”Steel Fabricators”]
[innovation_icon_box layout_style=”style2″ icon=”flaticon-plant23″ link=”″ title=”Wastewater”]
[innovation_icon_box layout_style=”style2″ icon=”flaticon-water29″ link=”″ title=”Water”]

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