Marine / Offshore

Marine / Offshore

Typical marine/offshore services: paint testing, coating surveys, paint failure investigations, coating specifications, 3rd party paint inspection, paint laboratory testing, coatings research, paint training.

Owners of offshore and marine structures such as drilling platforms, peers, wharfs, dry docks and related structures are faced with a variety of coatings and corrosion challenges stemming from chloride and biological attack, immersion splash zones and other aspects of severe service environments which frequently result in coating failures. Coatings performance challenges are further complicated by regulatory compliance issues, limited project timeframes and workplace restrictions.

KTA’s staff of certified protective coatings specialists, professional engineers, certified coatings inspectors, certified industrial hygienists and safety professionals, and chemists works with marine/offshore owners to address these unique challenges. Our services include coating system evaluation, coatings failure analysis, specification preparation/review, laboratory testing (e.g., NORSOK testing on candidate coating systems and immersion testing), coating assessment surveys, coatings inspection (e.g., SSPC QP-5). KTA also provides “Navy Basic Paint Inspection” training to NAVSEA (contracted through the SSPC: The Society for Protective Coatings).

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