Legal / Law

Legal / Law

Typical legal/law services: paint experts, worker health and safety experts, steel fabrication experts, laboratory testing, materials testing, contract dispute support.

Law firms are challenged with collaborating with independent experts in coatings performance, worker safety, contract administration and other professionals who can critically evaluate case merits and effectively testify in court proceedings. Legal firms must recruit independent professional experts who can bring their experience, knowledge and supporting test data to the team during case development and analysis, discovery and litigation proceedings.

KTA’s staff of certified protective coatings specialists, professional engineers, coatings and environmental consultants, certified industrial hygienists and safety professionals, and chemists provide expert witness services in the form of case analysis and consultation and/or expert testimony. These services have been provided to numerous clients and have involved coating performance, steel fabrication, worker health and safety, environmental and public health issues, and contract disputes involving bridges, ships, chemical and manufacturing plants, stadiums and sports arenas, hotels, condominiums, residential housing, storage tanks, swimming pools, and various other structures.

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