Laboratory Testing

Many commercial building substrates contain existing materials that may be unstable and require laboratory analysis to determine if they can continue to function as intended. The KTA laboratory testing plays a critical role in determining the root cause of coating failures and in determining long term coating performance. Laboratory analysis is also used to prevent future failures from occurring by confirming that existing coatings are suitable for overcoating, and to determine the perm ratings of coatings applied to concrete for adequate “breathability.”

KTA maintains sophisticated analytical and physical testing laboratories for comprehensive analysis of coatings, including forensic failure analysis and comparative performance testing of candidate coating systems. The laboratory is fully equipped to conduct tests of surface preparation (pressure washing, power tool cleaning, abrasive blast cleaning) and coating application (conventional spray, airless spray, brush, and roller). The laboratory staff includes analytical chemists and research development specialists. Clients may provide coating samples for analysis directly to the lab, or KTA coating specialists or consultants conduct site visits to collect samples. KTA’s lab is a great resource for building owners and is available to service client needs in a variety of unique and specialized ways.

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