podcast 2 shop painting v shop and field painting

KTA University Podcast #2 – Total Shop Painting vs. Shop & Field Painting

This 24- minute podcast also features Ken Trimber as moderator, while Doug Reardon advocates total shop painting and John Todd promotes shop painting with field finish coating. Scenarios are posed by Trimber as Todd and Reardon take turns providing support for their approaches while divulging plenty of information on the subject. A podcast breakdown is available at the bottom of this page.

Watch or listen to the Podcast below on Youtube or Soundcloud. If you’d like to download for later listening, you can do so on Soundcloud, or on the iTunes Store. We hope you enjoy!

Podcast Breakdown:

0:05 – Introduction of Ken, Doug, and John

0:46 – Scenario: Assume we have a 3-span overpass bridge being fabricated and the owner has two options for painting. One is to apply all 3 coats in the shop (inorganic zinc, epoxy urethane). The other is to apply the zinc in the shop, and the epoxy intermediate and finish in the field. Discussion.

1:27 – Doug gives supporting points behind why all coats should be applied in the shop.

5:39 – John discusses his reasoning for why only the primer should be applied in the shop.

8:48 – Can shops handle the drying times required for three coats?

10:33 – Doug talks to quality of the paint with his advocated method.

11:39 – Can you adequately control the quality in the field?

12:46 – Does low humidity during coating conditions affect top coating zinc in the shop?

14:25 – Does changing the original scenario from inorganic to organic zinc change John’s opinion?

14:47 – Are there concerns with lengthy organic zinc curing times prior to the application of field coats?

15:24 – Doug discusses why changing the scenario to organic zinc doesn’t change his thought process.

15:50 – New scenario: Assume architects build a complex building structure with a dome, open atrium area, and a lot of shapes and connection points. Using inorganic zinc and epoxy urethane, which method will the panelists choose? John discusses his opinion first.

16:50 – Does overspray and dryspray cause any concern?

17:25 – Doug’s provides points to support his opinion.

18:28 – Since aesthetics is so important, does field touch-up of connections cause concern?

21:25: Ken summarizes the entire podcast, with bullet points (video version only).