KTA Podcast #1 – Inorganic vs. Organic Zinc Rich Primers

Ken Trimber (KTA President) moderates as Bill Corbett (KTA COO) and Jim Machen (KTA Sr. Coatings Consultant) debate the merits of using inorganic vs. organic zinc rich primers. This 33 minute podcast finds Mr. Machen promoting the use of organic zinc rich primers, while Mr. Corbett supports the use of inorganic zinc rich primers. The benefits and challenges of both types of primers are thoroughly debated, providing viewers with plenty of information to draw upon when determining which primer might be best suited for use on a project-specific basis. 

This is the 1st in a Line of Podcasts by KTA-Tator, Inc, and is available in both Video (Youtube) and Audio (Soundcloud) below, as well as available for Free Download at the iTunes Store. The KTA Podcasts are excellent for group viewing, and provide both education and a forum for sparking internal debates amongst the participants.

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