kta 70th anniversary

KTA Celebrating 70th Anniversary in 2019

Pittsburgh, PA – KTA-Tator, Inc. (KTA), founded in 1949 as a sole proprietorship, is celebrating its 70th Anniversary this year. KTA was launched by Kenneth Tator to assist clients in selecting the optimum coating systems for protecting their plant’s infrastructure and equipment, while increasing the life expectancy of the coatings and reducing life-cycle costs. This was accomplished by conducting comparative testing of coating systems on specially-designed and painted steel composite test panels installed in client’s facilities.  Since then, KTA, now an employee-owned company, has expanded into a full-service consulting, inspection, and testing firm, providing services across dozens of industries.

In its 70-year history, KTA has pioneered new concepts in the coatings and corrosion industry while expanding its niche in 3rd party independent inspection services for shop and field coating application, and steel and concrete fabrication.  KTA has also developed comprehensive state-of-the-art physical and analytical testing laboratories, a one-stop inspection instrument sales department that carries all brands, and a manufacturer-authorized instrument calibration and service department.  KTA provides coatings specification development and failure analysis services; environmental health & safety consultation and compliance programs; coating condition assessments and painting cost estimates (KTA CAPP® System); support services for contractors pursing or maintaining their SSPC certification under the SSPC Painting Contractor Certification Program (PCCP); disaster recovery inspection services, and commercial building envelope assessments and inspections. In 2019, KTA acquired Elzly Technology Company (a wholly-owned subsidiary) to provide additional design and engineering capabilities in cathodic protection and Department of Defense work.

Collectively, KTA services have been designed to fulfill KTA’s external Mission “To provide customer-driven innovation, cutting-edge technology and world-class delivery for the protection of our customers’ assets and the world’s infrastructure.”  To deliver on this mission, KTA employs over 300 full-time employees including over 130 NACE certified coatings inspectors and over 70 certified welding inspectors.

During its 70th year, KTA will be breaking ground on a new 48,000 square foot corporate headquarters building and laboratory in Pittsburgh. The building will be completed for occupancy in the 4th quarter 2020.  

A book chronicling KTA’s first 70 years, will be published by Technology Publishing Company during the 2nd quarter 2019.