Gas Production and Distribution Services

Gas Production and Distribution Services

Typical services: coating condition assessments, paint specifications, contract administration, QA paint inspection, coatings consulting, weld inspection, safety consulting.

Gas production and distribution utility companies routinely deal with regulatory agency standards and practices such as DOT regulations requiring Operator Qualification certifications, bi-annual corrosion inspections, and others. The service environment for compressor stations, pipelines, equipment and storage tanks can vary from highly corrosive (e.g., scrubbers on gas production) to very mild, even within the confines of a single plant. Other challenging issues emerge when attempting to maintain the corrosion protection afforded through sophisticated protective coatings and linings including damp surfaces, area accessibility, direct burial of coated piping, and challenging terrain. Proper coatings decisions are vital and must take into account corrosion protection, safety, and appearance.

KTA’s certified protective coatings specialists, professional engineers, environmental consultants, certified industrial hygienists and safety professionals, and certified coatings and steel inspectors help clients address these diverse challenges. More specifically, KTA professionals provide plant coatings inspection and assessment, paint surveys, coatings specification preparation, cathodic disbondment and other specialized laboratory testing, QA paint inspections, steel and weld inspection, and training programs for in-house personnel. KTA also distributes instrument kits specially designed for use within the industry.

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